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Sticking with an exercise routine can be a struggle for anyone. For moms squeezing in workouts can feel impossible. We asked Varna Vos for advice for balancing life as a mom, business owner and how she is staying fit. Together with her work-out buddy, best friend and business partner, they founded Toppie Childcare.

It was a month of gentle goodbyes to Spring, as the days become warmer and longer and Summer finally beckons. A month of playing with soft sweet smelling lilac, and beautiful bold peonies, in my studio for styling opportunities, as I stretched my throwing skills further and experimented with new colour palettes with my porcelain slip casting.

How to combine a hectic life as an entrepreneur, mother of three and a fit lifestyle? Commit and just go! When I was 21 years old I started my own company, now 17 years later my company has three different locations with 30 employees. During this growth progress I also became a mother of three beautiful boys and I always have tried to exercise (a little less during my pregnancies). I try to get out of my comfort zone and try every exercise there is, steps, aerobics, boot camp, boxing and cross fit.

1. Start your day with your work-out

Of course we all have difficulties to combine day to day responsibilities with work-out (yes, I also know that feeling:)) Early morning workouts, before my day starts, works best for me. When you go early there is no room for excuses. You can check that off your list and enjoy that feeling during the rest of your day!

2. Get out of your comfort zone! change your work-out routine to keep yourself challenged

Changing your workout routine is very important. Currently I’m training for long distance obstacle runs. I do different kind of exercises to get in perfect shape for every event. To improve my endurance I love to box. To enhance my strength and power I Cross fit and boot camp. The combinations of these different exercise routines, makes my weekly schedule very diverse. It makes me feel empowered in life.

3. Find a work-out buddy, not just one, find multiple

It is crucial to find a buddy to join your workout, not just one, but multiple buddies. There are always people who love to join you and they can force you to go when you have a weak moment.

4. Commit and go for it!

I love to be busy and work out, it keeps me sharp, so I can keep my focus. This is essential for the motivation and drive in my daily work, work out with the kids and have quality time with my friends. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you feel the benefit and it allows you to conquer the world!

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