Predator Sisters On A Mission

Predator Sisters On A Mission

Our millennial generation is missing purpose, losing trust in the products we buy, companies we work for and politicians we vote for. We are two millennial sisters, Bianca and Natasha, political scientists, entrepreneurs and we disrupt the beverage industry. Drinking Predator is good, but making a positive impact while drinking it is even better! Read more about our purpose!

"If you don't strive for a better world,
what is the purpose of our existence?"

Our healthy lifestyle dilemma

From a young age we were inspired by an holistic lifestyle and started reading our food labels. This all began after discovering the effects of caffeine and other artificial ingredients in our drinks and food, leading to heart palpations, stress and anxiety. As customers we did not feel understood by the leading food companies with their sugars shockers, caffeine crashers and unstustainable way of producing. The range of products is wide, but innovation is limited since the market is dominated by a few suppliers with one goal: maximize profits What can we drink to support our daily activities besides water? Time for purpose driven disruption!

From local to global health issues

The globalization of unhealthy lifestyles and climate change are the greatest threat of our time. Stress is the silent sufferer, which leads to many health problems. Consumption of sugary and caffeinated drinks, the main cause of obesity and diabetics. But also our planet is under threat. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and iconic animals are on the brink of extinction.

After living in the Congo (Africa), we could see the direct consequences. The diabetics rates are increasing rapidly in African countries, people are not begging for money for water, but for soda. Plastic waste is piling up and enters our waterways and ecosystem. Now more than ever the planet needs responsible leadership, businesses and consumers can be at the forefront of change. Producing better and consuming more wisely is the solution.

Your purchase is a vote

If you really want to make a difference you have to start with yourself and be the change you want to see in the world and on the shelves. We cannot wait for government legislation, instead we believe in offering the sustainable and healthy solution. Instead of influencing we believe in educating and inspiring people to drink healthier, without sugar and caffeine.

You, as a consumer have more power than you realize. Purchasing power is like voting for a political party, the products you buy is as voting for your favorite party and leader you put your faith in, trusting they are not producing products that are harming your health and environment. We empower you, to buy for a better world and to become more aware of the companies you vote for. You have the power to kill off brands and force the industry to do better, by simply not buying it anymore, the choice is yours!

"We want to inspire you to buy for a better world, drink a Predator, protect a Predator. "

Thirsty for success formula

We wanted to create the ultimate health drink based on scientifically backed ingredients and our own personal experience. A new beverage category to change the industry, distance ourself from the ‘killer drinks’. Not by competing but by innovating, Not an energy drink with caffeine and stimulants, but a delicious, refreshing sparkling water with functional benefits so you feel fit and can adapt to every circumstance.

What is our secret formulation? We have been inspired by nature and old healing practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. These ancient practices are based on the power of herbs, roots and mushrooms to restore the balance in the body. The herbs we use are called adaptogens, growing in high altitudes and manage your body’s response to stress and improve endurance without the crash.

We bring those ancient healing practices back to the modern world and make healthy cool, with a stylish design. To protect our adaptogens we use a can instead of plastic, which preserves the quality of our ingredients. Aluminium is the most sustainable packaging with the best recycling rates and lowest ecofootprint.

The real gold

Predator Endurance® is the world’s first natural endurance drink, without sugar, caffeine and calories. Predator is more than a sparkling water, with fruitjuice. It's infused with adaptogenic superherbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and has the unique qualities to nourish, endure, hydrate and focus. The unique Predator blend balance your body ’s system to reduce stress, feel fit and supports your immune system. It is specifically designed to increase endurance, support recovery after your workout and to elevate mental performance, without the crash. Predator Endurance is only for those going for real gold and who demand the best for their mind and body.

Predator Power

During the development process we used the unique adaptogenic superherbs ourselves in our tea and as a supplement, before, after our workout and during work. No spikes and crashes in energy levels, no anxiety or heart palpations, but a sustainable source of mental and physical endurance.

Multiple companies told us what we wanted could not be done. We had to deal with rejection, criticism, failure and negativity. It takes a Predator mindset of endurance, willingness and adapting to the circumstances to overcome difficult situations, to come back better, stronger and smarter. Learning new skills, growing elephant skin, going out of our comfort zone, being grateful and appreciate small achievements during the journey.

Predators always follow their own instincts, don't follow the herd and create their own path, even is this is not the easiest way. We are thankful for all of those who said no to us or didn't believe in our idea for change. They have been our fuel for success!

Survive or thrive?

True Predators are not the strongest, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change' (Interpretation of Darwin by Leon C. Megginson).

At a fundamental level, human beings, animals and nature are all connected in the circle of life. Every animals is born with specific traits and talents with the purpose to survive and fulfill their role in the circle of life. They are working in a pack, are always following their instincts and are adaptable to change in order to survive.

It's a concrete jungle we live in. The pressure to succeed is high which causes stress and other health issues. Over 80% of the people don’t enjoy their work and nearly 75% don’t know their passion. In order for us to survive in our concrete jungle and lead a happy life, we believe there is so much we can learn from animals. Just like Predators we humans are born with a purpose, a specific talent to accomplish something meaningful. We need to follow our instincts more, work together in a pack (our community, family or neighborhood) and learn to adapt to stress.

To adapt to stress and to survive the concrete jungle we live in, Predator endurance contains adaptogens, which reduces stress.

Drink with a mission

Our mission is to inspire you to live a healthy life while following your fullest potential. We encourage you to find your purpose and your instincts will lead you on the right path to follow your dreams. When there's something bigger than yourself to serve, thats when the endurance gets fueled, you’ll become fearless and unstoppable, while positively impacting the world around you.

"There is a talent in all of us, a Predator in all of us, just follow your instinct and be thirsty for success!"

Drink a Predator, protect a Predator!

The focused student has birds eye view and focus to achieve their study goals. The muscled athlete is as strong as a bear pushing his/her body to the limit. Do you want the speed of a cheetah? Predator gives you the persistence and endurance to achieve your goals and be successful in your daily activities. 

To save our iconic Predators we make a donation per sold can to the Predator Protection Plan. Let's save Predators while living a conscious and healthy lifestyle!


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  • Jan Anno BoonstraNov 08, 2019

    Dag Bianca en Natasha,

    Na het lezen van bovenstaande moest ik wel een comment achterlaten.
    Als lecturer/coach Concepting aan de NhlStenden Hogeschool zijn jullie een voorbeeld voor onze studenten die veel energie nodig hebben voor o.a. sporten, socializen en natuurlijk studeren. Top hoe jullie aan de weg timmeren!

    Jan Anno Boonstra

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