Predator is more than a drink, it is a mindset to continue despite setbacks. Predator stands for endurance. That is already in yourself, Predator is there to remind you.

What is Predator?

Predator is inspired by the animal kingdom. Each animal has its own powerful qualities, follow their instinct and work together in a pack to survive. Despite setbacks, they have the endurance to adapt. Life is like the jungle and must survive. We too have an inner predator to pursue our goals.

What is Endurance?

Whether you are tired, stressed, or have a setback, negativity or people who do not believe in you, you will continue anyway. That does your endurance. That is the Predator mindset. Setbacks make you stronger as long as you believe in yourself. Follow your instinct and work together as a pack, so you continue and you can achieve your goals.

Who are Predators?

Predators are people who continue to passionately achieve their goals and do not shy away from a challenge. They know how to convert the feeling of failure into strength. People who believe in themselves and do not look backwards when they want to move forward. Predators are changemakers, which give an example to make our beautiful world a bit nicer.

Which Predator Are You?


Wolves are social animals and real team players, who live in packs, led by an alpha wolf. The wolf has highly developed senses. His eyes are better than those of man and can see well in the dark. Wolves can communicate over great distances and cry to keep the pack together or to alert others.


The eagle is known as a majestic and very powerful hunter. They are by far the largest species of eagles in the world. At a height of hundreds of meters they can float around without flapping and then throw themselves at their prey with unbelievable speed. The eagle can fly the highest of all the animals.


Tigers are strong and elegant. They are also, in contrast to other big cats, excellent swimmers. The tiger can be heard well, but also makes 'infrasound'. That sound is so low that we humans can not hear it. Around 3,500 tigers live in the wild all over the world.


The lion is the king of the jungle. The lion is the only feline who lives in groups. Lionesses stay with the same group all their lives. The group usually has a fixed territory. The lion is inactive for most of the day. Sometimes he lies in the shade for twenty hours a day and he is only active to hunt.


A bear can smell very well. Sometimes he sticks his nose in the air and then catches smells, so he knows where his prey is. A grizzly bear is an omnivore. Depending on the season, he prefers to choose berries, fruits, tubers, nuts and honey. He also keeps the leftover food in a shallow hole for later.


The orca is the most intelligent predator that we know. Their intelligent is so developed that killer whales use their own cultures and language. Their echolocation system is advanced and is a sixth sense. The killer whale is a gentle predator and has never attacked a human in the wild, but in captivity. That is because of the mental stress that the animals experience in captivity.