Predator is more than a drink, way of life. It is a mindset to always listen to your instinct and endure in times of stress. Everyone has a Predator within, all you have to do is listen to it and follow your instinct.


"Comes from the Greek word: hupo (under) + menó (to remain) ὑπομένω. Literally, this means under pressure. State of survival and the strength to continue with setbacks and stress."


"Your Predator spirit animal is guiding you every step of the way, all you have to do is listen to your instinct and it shows you miracles everyday! Follow your instinct, it's your superpower!"


"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent ones, but it is the one that is most adaptable to change."
Charles Darwin

What is Predator?

Life is like the jungle, adapt and thrive to survive. Predator is inspired by the animal kingdom. Each animal has its own powerful qualities, follow their instinct and work together in a pack to survive. Despite setbacks, they have the endurance to adapt.

What is Endurance?

Whether you are tired, stressed, or have a setback, negative mindset or people who do not believe in you, you have a Predator within you. That is your spirit animal and helps you to endure during difficult times. Setbacks make you stronger as long as you believe in yourself. Follow your instinct and work together in a pack.

Who are Predators?

Predators are protectors the circle of life. That's why Predators are people always fight for something they believe in. They lead with their heart. Predators are changemakers and take the lead to make our world a better, healthier and saver place for everyone. Predators keep the balance.



Wolves are social animals and real team players. They live in packs, led by an alpha wolf, use the smartest strategies and have highly developed senses. His eyes and nose are better than those of men and can see well in the dark. Wolves can communicate over great distances and will do everything to keep the pack together, smartest up front and strongest leading from the back.


The eagle is known as a majestic and very powerful hunter. They are by far the largest species of birds in the world. At a height of hundreds of meters they see everything, have perfect oversight and keep their focus on their target. With incredible speed they attack, stay focused Predators!


Tigers are strong and elegant and use their beauty to hypnotise you with their elegance. The tiger is living by their own and are very mysterious. They uses a low frequency sound to protect the rainforest. That sound is so low that we humans can not even hear it. They are rare and almost exctinct in the wild. There are around 3,500 tigers live in the wild, let's protect these beautiful mysterious creatures.


The lion is the king of the jungle. The lion is the only feline who lives in prides. Lionesses stay with the same group all their lives. The pride usually has a fixed territory. They protect the circle of life, keep everything in balance, from the grass to the antilope, the lion is the protector of all and is therefor essential for everything that lives.


A bear can smell very well. He loves to stick his nose in the air and then catches smells, so he knows where his prey is. He loves sweet berries and is very protective. A grizzly bear is an omnivore. Depending on the season, he prefers to choose berries, fruits, tubers, nuts and honey. He also keeps the leftover food in a shallow hole for later.


The orca is the most intelligent predator that we know. Their intelligence is so developed that killer whales use their own language to communicate in their pods and even have a family culture. There is still lots to learn from these amazing animals. They use their echolocation system to locate eachother from miles away and is their sixth sense. The killer whale is a gentle predator and has never attacked a human in the wild, only in captivity. Please do not go to Aquaria where they keep them in captivity. They belong to the seas